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"Debbie Bond’s third release, Blues Root Production’s That Thing Called Love, takes a bold step not only stylistically, but also recognizes the hot band, The TruDats, led by multi-instrumentalist bandleader and partner in crime and love, Rick Asherson, as a full reckoning burning house of sound. . . . Every corner of the blues and every musician has a chance to shine on this exquisite live recording that everybody will want to take home to listen after a great show." Brad Hardisty, The NashvilleBridge & Performer Magazine

In April 2013, Debbie Bond and the TruDats rolled up Highway 65 for a live taping on Radio Free Nashville WRFN’s Mando Blues Show. The band gathered at The Loveless CafĂ© in Nashville and were led through the woods to the secret location of OmegaLab Studio, high on an undisclosed mountaintop just west of Nashville. The studio, brainchild of mastermind Rob McClain, is a massive army tent facility that runs on nothing more than six car batteries, car stereo amplifiers and LED lighting at a deceptively low 1600 watts.

In what was meant to be the end of a big Nashville adventure after a guest spot at the Nashville Blues and Jazz Awards, the Mando Blues Show turned out to be a welcome surprise as Debbie launched into a soulful groove of wild heart Alabama blues-soul stew in what would become That Thing Called Love.

As part of the Mando Blues Show, Debbie Bond and the TruDats showcased three new songs originally planned for the next studio recording. But after hearing the playback and feeling the magical vibe of the TruDats playing at their peak and being captured on a recording to rival Austin City Limits or a BBC Live In Studio showcase, Debbie decided to make a CD of the performance, which is officially the first live recording album release to come from WFRN’s Mando Blues Show and from the OmegaLab Studio.

Debbie Bond and the TruDats with guest saxophonist Tom Pallardy burned through a blues-format-bending set that went from the New Orleans French Quarter retro 'Steady Rolling Man' to the Holmes Brothers 'Feed my Soul' as well as the title track 'That Thing Called Love.'

The opportunity to record 'Tarragona Blues' a tribute to the fans in Spain and have it pressed in time for a guest spot at the Tarragona Blues Festival was serendipitous karma that happened like a hat trick in time for the festival season.

If there ever was a moment that Debbie Bond was meant for, it was this weekend in Nashville that set in motion a live recording that was unplanned, unrehearsed and became a sublime jewel with all the facets that make up her sound, whether it be blues, soul, funk, ragtime or swamp pop. Now it is a gift to all her fans.